SB 784
Establishes provisions relating to the minimum school term
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2/28/2024 - Voted Do Pass S Select Committee on Empowering Missouri Parents and Children Committee
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July 1, 2025

Current Bill Summary

SB 784 - This act modifies the definition of "school term" by providing that school districts located in charter counties or cities with more than 30,000 inhabitants shall have a school term that consists of at least 169 school days, unless the district has adopted a four-day school week, in which case a school term shall consist of at least 142 school days. (Sections 160.011, 163.021, 171.031, and 171.033)

The act repeals a provision specifying that school districts shall provide a minimum of 522 hours of actual pupil attendance for kindergarten pupils in order to receive state aid. (Section 163.021)

The act provides that school districts located wholly or partially in charter counties or cities with more than 30,000 inhabitants may adopt a four-day school week only upon a majority vote of the qualified voters of the school district. (Section 171.028)

School districts with a school term of 175 school days or more may establish an opening date earlier than 14 days prior to the first Monday in September by following the procedure set forth in the act. (Section 171.031)

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education shall remit to any school district or charter school with a five-day school week an amount equal to 2% of such district's or charter school's June state aid entitlement for the preceding year. Such funds shall be used exclusively to increase teacher salaries. Any district or charter school that uses such funds for any other purpose shall have an equivalent amount of money withheld from its state aid allocation under current law. (Section 1)

The provisions of this act shall go into effect on July 1, 2025.

This act is similar to provisions in SS#2/SCS/SB 727 (2024), HB 1417 (2024), HB 1828 (2024), and HB 2812 (2024).



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