SB 1387
Establishes a registration process for certain children's homes
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2/8/2024 - Second Read and Referred S Health and Welfare Committee
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Effective Date:
August 28, 2024

Current Bill Summary

SB 1387 - Under this act, a facility or organization seeking to provide care for children may register with a qualified association, as described in the act, in place of obtaining a child care license or complying with notification requirements under Chapter 210 of Missouri law. The qualified association shall be have been in place for a minimum of 20 years, shall publish and requires compliance with the association's written standards and file copies of those standards with the Department of Social Services, and shall have a board of directors able to conduct oversight of member organizations. Upon filing a registration application with the qualified association and meeting the association's requirements and the local or state fire, safety, health, sanitation, and personnel screening requirements, the facility or organization shall receive, at no charge, a certificate of registration from the association that shall be valid for 2 years.

The parent, legal guardian, or person having legal custody of the child and the facility or organization registered with the qualified association shall have a written contract for each child cared for by the facility or organization that sets forth the services provided by the facility or organization, the registration with and contact information of the qualified organization, the cost of the services, the disciplinary procedures, and authorization for consent to routine or emergency medical care of the child.

This act establishes the "Child Protection Board" within the Department, consisting of 10 members appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate, as described in the act. The Board shall independently review any decision of the Children's Division in which an alleged perpetrator of child abuse or neglect is aggrieved by a decision of the Division and shall make recommendations to the Department. Additionally, the Board may deny, suspend, or revoke a facility or organization's registration if the facility or organization fails to comply with the standards established by the qualified association.

Finally, any facility or organization that applies for and receives a license under the state's licensing laws shall not be eligible to operate under the provisions of this act.

This act is identical to HB 2307 (2024).



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