SB 816
Modifies requirements for electronic voting systems
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Last Action:
2/5/2024 - Hearing Conducted S Local Government and Elections Committee
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Effective Date:
January 1, 2025

Current Bill Summary

SB 816 - This act modifies the standards for electronic voting systems to be approved by the Secretary of State. Specifically, electronic voting systems must:

· Be developed, owned, and maintained by a business entity registered in the United States and owned by United States citizens. If the business entity is publicly held, the board of directors and the majority stockholders shall be United States citizens. The business entity shall not be a subsidiary of any multinational firm and shall have its principal place of business located within the United States; and

· Have any software, or hardware containing software or firmware, used in the system in this state shall have the full corresponding source code of the software or firmware made publicly available by the secretary of state at no cost, upon request of any resident or citizen of this state.

This act is effective on January 1, 2025.



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