SB 1052
Modifies licensing for embalmers and funeral directors
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2/22/2024 - Voted Do Pass S Governmental Accountability Committee
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SB 1052 - This act modifies the process for obtaining a license to practice embalming and to practice funeral directing by repealing the current law regarding licensure and by proposing a new licensure process. Each applicant for a student license for embalming shall submit an application to the State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors, with any application fees, and furnish evidence that he or she possesses the necessary qualifications, including current enrollment in, or completion of, an accredited funeral service education program. After the student's application has been approved by the Board, student licensees enrolled in a program may assist in a licensed embalming establishment under the direct supervision of a licensed embalmer.

In order to be eligible for full licensure, a student licensee shall submit an official transcript after completing a funeral service education program, demonstrate that he or she has completed an apprenticeship of no less than 6 months, demonstrate that he or she has personally embalmed at least 25 dead human bodies under the supervision of and inspection by a licensed embalmer, and has passed the National Board Examination - Sciences, the Missouri law examination, and if necessary to complete the student's education, the National Board Examination - Arts or State Board Examination - Arts. Licensees may also sit for the National Board Examination - Arts for the purpose of potential reciprocity in another state. A student licensee shall have five years to complete the requirements for licensure as an embalmer under this act. Failure to complete the requirements in five years will result in the cancellation of the current application.

Every person seeking to be an apprentice funeral director shall obtain a provisional funeral director license by submitting an application, paying the application fees, and meeting the qualifications listed in the act, which shall include working as an apprentice funeral director under the personal supervision of a licensed funeral director. An applicant shall have three years to complete the requirements or his or her application shall be cancelled.

Every person seeking to be a funeral director shall submit an application, pay the application fees, and meet the qualifications listed in the act, including the passage of the Missouri law examination and the successful completion of an accredited program or a qualifying apprenticeship with passage of the National Board Examination - Arts or the State Board Examination - Arts as provided in the act.

Every person seeking to obtain a funeral director limited license shall meet the qualifications as specified in the act and is only authorized to perform cremations and related duties in an establishment licensed only for cremation. A person with a funeral director limited license may obtain a full funeral director's license by meeting the requirements specified in the act.

This act shall be effective on August 28, 2025.

This act is identical to provisions in SCS/HB 2280 (2024) and is similar to provisions in HCS/HBs 2322 & 1774 (2024), SB 348 (2023), HB 629 (2023), HB 1491 (2022), HCS/SB 9 (2021), HCS/SB 330 (2021), SCS/HB 585 (2021), HCS/HB 724 (2021), HB 1349 (2021), and HB 2432 (2020).



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