SB 1366
Establishes accountability measures for all public elementary and secondary schools
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2/21/2024 - SCS Voted Do Pass S Select Committee on Empowering Missouri Parents and Children Committee (5327S.03C)
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Effective Date:
August 28, 2024

Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 1366 - This act establishes accountability measures for all public elementary and secondary schools.

The act adds "student growth" to the categories of information required to be included in the school accountability report cards of all school districts, public schools, and public charter schools under current law. The act describes how student growth shall be calculated, with reference to a comparison of students' performance on statewide assessments in the current academic year to their performance in prior years.

By July 15 of each year, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) shall provide a confidential version of the school accountability report cards to each school building, school district, and charter school. By August 15 of each year, DESE shall publish the school accountability report cards for the previous year on the DESE website and include in DESE's annual budget request sufficient resources in personnel and equipment to prepare the report cards for the following year.

The act also establishes provisions relating to the preparation of annual performance ratings for public schools based on students' academic performance. Beginning with the 2026-27 school year and in all subsequent school years, the act sets forth a methodology for calculating the annual performance ratings based on students' year-to-year academic growth and achievement. For elementary schools, year-to-year student growth and overall student achievement shall each be weighted at 50% in the calculation, as specified in the act. For high schools, DESE shall create a college and career readiness measure that is based on statistical models that identify schools' contributions to students' long-term outcomes separately from their prior achievement. DESE shall determine a standard for both college readiness and career readiness, and shall promulgate rules relating to such standards. DESE shall consider certain factors when measuring college and career readiness, such as Advanced Placement scores and International Baccalaureate program scores. For high schools, 60% of the annual performance rating score shall be based on a combination of the attainment of college and career readiness credentials and student growth, as described in the act, and 40% of the score shall be based on a combination of student achievement on end-of-course exams and the five-year high school gradation rate.

Each school that has students who are enrolled in the school for the full academic year and who are tested using the statewide assessments shall receive an annual performance rating score and an annual report card. However, a school shall not earn an annual performance rating score based on students' academic performance if fewer than 10 students are tested in the statewide assessments.

DESE shall promulgate rules to implement the provisions of this act, and shall additionally have the authority to promulgate rules including incentives or rewards for schools and school districts that receive an annual performance rating score of 90% or more or that increase their score by 10% over a three-year period.

This act is similar to SB 804 (2024).



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