SB 1072
Reauthorizes the Big Government Get Off My Back Act
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Last Action:
1/25/2024 - Second Read and Referred S General Laws Committee
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Effective Date:
August 28, 2024

Current Bill Summary

SB 1072 - This act reauthorizes the "Big Government Get Off My Back Act".

This act requires that the state of Missouri shall not increase any user fees for a five-year period beginning August 28, 2024, unless the fee increase is to implement a federal program administered by the state or is a result of an act by the General Assembly.

For a five-year period beginning August 28, 2024, any state agency proposing a rule not required by the federal government or the general assembly shall certify that the rule does not have an adverse impact on small businesses, that is it is necessary to protect the life, health, or safety of the public, or that it exempts small businesses from such rule, as described in the act.

This act is substantially similar to HB 1639 (2016) and to a provision in HCS/SB 18 (2017) and SCS/SB 183 (2017), and is similar to HB 32 (2015) and SB 459 (2015).



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