SB 881
Creates a child care cost-sharing pilot program
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1/18/2024 - Hearing Conducted S Governmental Accountability Committee
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Effective Date:
August 28, 2024

Current Bill Summary

SB 881 - This act establishes, subject to appropriation, a pilot program to be administered by the Office of Childhood, in collaboration with the Department of Economic Development. The pilot program shall be designed to facilitate access to child care for Missouri employees and shall include a cost-sharing arrangement between participating employers, employees, and the state to equally share the cost of child care services provided by a child care provider. The pilot project shall use early child care community leaders, as designated by the Office, to coordinate between providers and participating employers and shall be established in at least one predominately rural region and one predominately urban region.

Participating child care providers shall meet certain statutory requirements relating to background checks and shall enter into agreements with the Office specifying the cost of child care services for an employee for the duration of the contract and the employer, employee, and state shares of the costs.

In order to qualify for the program, employees shall work in Missouri for a participating employer and shall have an income between 201% to 325% of the federal poverty level.

The Office shall provide a report to the Governor and General Assembly by December 31 each year on the effectiveness of the program in increasing access to child care for Missouri employees and encouraging employee recruitment and retention.

This act shall terminate on August 28, 2030, unless reauthorized.



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