SB 1324
Enacts the "Missouri Uniform Homeowners' Association Act"
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Last Action:
4/15/2024 - Hearing Conducted S Local Government and Elections Committee
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Effective Date:
August 28, 2024

Current Bill Summary

SB 1324 - This act enacts the "Missouri Uniform Homeowners' Association Act". The act shall apply with respect to events occurring after January 1, 2025, and shall not modify existing binding agreements running with land. The provisions of the act shall not be varied by agreement, or waived.

Each lot, as defined in the act, shall constitute a separate parcel of real estate, assessed and taxed consistent with its restricted use. Common ground and property of the association shall not be subject to taxation.

The act further specifies procedures for amending the declarations creating a planned community, and for appealing the amendments.

An owners association shall be organized prior to conveyance of the first lot in a planned community, and shall be incorporated as a mutual benefit nonprofit corporation within 1 year of the transfer of control from the declarant.

The act provides for the owners associations to be governed by a board of directors, and specifies election procedures. The act further lays out procedures for establishing an association's budget and assessments on lot owners; provides that any provision in the association's governing documents specifying a maximum assessment or maximum assessment increase shall be void; and details procedures for recovering delinquent assessments through the courts, including actions against tenants.

Lastly, the act includes provisions regarding binding arbitration, and regarding nonbinding dispute resolution between lot owners.



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