SB 802 Modifies provisions relating to business investment incentives
12/1/2023 Prefiled
1/3/2024 S First Read S34
1/9/2024 Second Read and Referred S Emerging Issues Committee S121
1/16/2024 Hearing Conducted S Emerging Issues Committee
1/25/2024 Voted Do Pass S Emerging Issues Committee
2/1/2024 Reported from S Emerging Issues Committee S260
2/7/2024 Bill Placed on Informal Calendar S283
2/28/2024 SS S offered (Trent)--(3920S.03F) S367
2/28/2024 SA 1 to SS S offered & adopted (Eigel)--(3920S03.05S) S367-368
2/28/2024 SA 2 to SS S offered & defeated (Bernskoetter)--(3920S03.09S) S368
2/28/2024 SS, as amended, S adopted S368
2/28/2024 Perfected S368
2/29/2024 Reported Truly Perfected S Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics Committee S393
2/29/2024 Referred S Fiscal Oversight Committee S401
3/4/2024 Voted Do Pass S Fiscal Oversight Committee
3/4/2024 Reported from S Fiscal Oversight Committee S425
3/7/2024 S Third Read and Passed S468-469
3/7/2024 H First Read H820
3/11/2024 H Second Read H830
3/28/2024 Referred H Special Committee on Public Policy H1055
4/10/2024 Hearing Conducted H Special Committee on Public Policy