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Bills Sponsored by Senator Mike Cierpiot

SB 14 Modifies provisions relating to amending birth certificates
SB 15 Modifies the Senior Citizens Property Tax Relief Credit
SB 16 Requires weighted voting in county political party committees
SB 104 Reduces the assessment percentage of personal property
SB 105 Reduces the assessment percentage of real property
SB 374 Modifies provisions relating to the renewable energy standard
SB 375 Modifies provisions relating to child protection
SB 450 Modifies the civil penalty for violating federally mandated natural gas safety standards
SB 478 Requires political subdivisions to submit tax reductions and repeals to the voters when receiving a petition
SB 479 Requires all elections for local tax increases to be held at a general or primary election
SB 491 Modifies provisions relating to abortion, including the importation and distribution of drugs used to perform or induce abortions
SB 520 Modifies provisions relating to the review of certain financing orders by the Missouri Public Service Commission
SB 567 Modifies provisions relating to large water public utilities
SB 609 Provides that a teacher shall not bring a cause of action against a school district based on such district's policy of using traditional honorific titles for teachers
SB 663 Establishes procedures for voluntary nonopioid directives
SJR 11 Exempts noncommercial vehicles in excess of ten years old from property tax
SJR 12 Creates standard for initiative petitions to meet the single subject requirement
SJR 13 Requires all county assessors to be elected
SJR 37 Repeals restrictions on legislative staff acting, serving, or registering as a lobbyist after legislative employment
HB 1152 Modifies provisions relating to large water public utilities

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