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Bills Sponsored by Senator Sandy Crawford

SB 11 Specifies that health care benefits provided by certain organizations to their members and their members' families shall not be considered insurance under the laws of this state
SB 12 Modifies provisions relating to the issuance of credit cards by lenders
SB 13 Modifies provisions relating to financial institutions
SB 101 Enacts provisions relating to lender-placed insurance
SB 102 Requires initiative petition circulators to be registered Missouri voters
SB 103 Modifies provisions relating to court operations, including court automation, compensation for court reporters, and court surcharges for expungement petitions
SB 179 Establishes the Missouri Rural Credit Opportunity Act
SB 180 Authorizes the cities of Clinton and Lincoln to impose a sales tax for public safety
SB 181 Privatizes Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Company
SB 335 Modifies the duties within the Missouri Department of Agriculture's Weights, Measures and Consumer Protection Division
SB 336 Modifies provisions relating to supplemental welfare assistance
SB 337 Modifies provisions relating to electronic notification to victims of certain crimes
SB 346 Modifies provisions relating to elections
SB 365 Modifies provisions relating to pooled estate accounts by public administrators and venue in guardianship and conservatorship cases
SB 366 Modifies or enacts provisions relating to Department of Revenue fee offices
SB 379 Modifies provisions relating to outdoor advertising
SB 493 Relating to motor vehicle assessments
SB 511 Modifies provisions relating to pharmacy services in hospitals
SB 521 Extends the sunset of the 2.5% supplemental surcharge collected by the Division of Workers' Compensation
SB 586 Regulates earned wage access services
SB 657 Increases the limit on investments in linked deposits by the State Treasurer
SJR 10 Modifies the initiative petition process
HJR 43 Modifies the initiative petition process for proposing constitutional amendments

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