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Bills Sponsored by Senator Jill Carter

SB 84 Establishes the Freedom to Farm Act and modifies provisions relating to the Governor's emergency powers and agricultural operations as nuisances
SB 85 Provides for the designation of local control school districts
SB 86 Permits the sale of raw milk or cream in certain circumstances
SB 164 Establishes the "Missouri Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act"
SB 165 Creates the "Save Women's Sports Act" and provisions regarding usage of school locker rooms
SB 166 Prohibits certain types of regulation of public and private schools by cities and counties
SB 230 Provides that school districts shall not prohibit home school students from trying out or auditioning for team or club membership in any event or activity offered by the school district
SB 232 Modifies provisions relating to immunizations
SB 364 Modifies provisions relating to property taxes for school districts
SB 428 Modifies the Missouri Human Rights Act
SB 429 Modifies provisions relating to sexually oriented businesses
SB 430 Prohibits public entities from entering into certain contracts
SB 436 Modifies provisions relating to fiduciary duties for investments of public employee retirement systems
SB 454 Repeals current and future increases to the motor fuel tax and alternative fuel decal fees, subject to voter approval
SB 518 Designates the "CPL Ben Cooper Memorial Bridge" on Loop 44/Range Line Road in Newton County
SB 620 Modifies provisions relating to the statewide assessment system
SB 671 Prohibits availability of public funds to health care facilities that refuse treatment based on COVID-19 vaccination status
SB 672 Creates and modifies provisions relating to disbursements of funds to libraries by the state librarian
SJR 28 Modifies the process for approving constitutional amendments
SJR 29 Provides for parents' exclusive right to control the upbringing of their children
SJR 42 Creates provisions relating to sheriffs
HB 136 Prohibits public institutions of postsecondary education from taking adverse action against belief-based student associations

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