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Bills Sponsored by Senator Curtis Trent

SB 72 Establishes the Judicial Privacy Act, which provides restrictions on the use of a judicial officer's personal information
SB 73 Authorizes sales tax exemptions for diapers and feminine hygiene products
SB 74 Creates a DWI diversion program
SB 152 Modifies provisions relating to video services
SB 153 Modifies provisions relating to minimum prison terms
SB 154 Modifies the compensation of court reporters
SB 221 Directs the Department of Revenue to issue only one license plate to most motor vehicles
SB 222 Establishes provisions relating to moratoriums on eviction proceedings
SB 223 Modifies the expiration dates for provisions relating to court automation
SB 274 Creates procedures for the appointment of commissioners to a convention called under Article V of the U.S. Constitution
SB 275 Provides a sales tax exemption for the production of electricity
SB 276 Repeals the Missouri Postconviction Drug Treatment Program
SB 298 Provides exemptions for records of certain offenses from public access on statewide court automation systems
SB 333 Creates provisions regarding renewable energy
SB 341 Establishes accountability measures for all public elementary and secondary schools
SB 342 Creates provisions related to consumer legal funding and litigation financing
SB 347 Creates provisions relating to expungement
SB 348 Modifies licensing for embalmers and funeral directors
SB 349 Modifies provisions relating to county or township-owned nursing homes
SB 352 Establishes the Civil Liability for Employers Hiring Ex-Offenders Act, which provides liability protections for employers hiring those convicted of certain offenses
SB 373 Modifies provisions relating to certain civil cases and proceedings tried before associate circuit judges
SB 376 Modifies voting qualifications
SB 386 Establishes disclosure procedures for a claimant in an action for damages due to asbestos exposure
SB 387 Modifies provisions relating to behavioral health services for certain accused persons
SB 451 Establishes the "Parents' Bill of Rights" to protect and promote the rights of parents to participate in and direct the education of their child and to know what is being taught in their child's public school
SB 476 Creates new provisions relating to public employment
SB 492 Relating to motor vehicle financial protection products
SB 539 Modifies provisions relating to hazardous waste facility permits
SB 569 Modifies provisions relating to estate planning, including notice for transfers of the principal place of administration of a trust, electronic wills, and estate planning during the COVID-19 state of emergency
SB 578 Specifies that aircraft casualty insurance shall be considered commercial insurance for purposes of an exemption from the requirement to file insurance rating plans
SB 606 Modifies provisions related to solid waste disposal
SB 607 Modifies provisions relating to the assessment of solar energy property
SJR 27 Modifies provisions relating to voter qualifications

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