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Bills Sponsored by Senator Mike Bernskoetter

SB 20 Modifies terms of active employee members of the Board of Trustees of the Missouri Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol Employees' Retirement System
SB 21 Modifies the duration of unemployment benefits based on the unemployment rate
SB 22 Modifies provisions relating to eligibility for parole
SB 109 Modifies provisions relating to mining
SB 110 Abolishes the Personnel Advisory Board
SB 111 Modifies provisions relating to the administration of state employees
SB 185 Repeals chapter 291, regulating industrial inspections by the Director of the Inspection Section
SB 393 Modifies provisions relating to physician license reciprocity and adopts the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact
SB 394 Establishes the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act
SB 395 Extends certain natural resources fees
SB 401 Modifies the regulation of certain business entities registered with the state
SB 402 Enacts provisions relating to payments for prescription drugs
SB 403 Modifies provisions relating to the Missouri state plane coordinate system
SB 407 Modifies provisions relating to Missouri Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol Employees' Retirement System and Missouri State Employees' Retirement System
SB 470 Modifies provisions relating to the offense of tampering with electronic monitoring equipment
SB 471 Modifies provisions related to animal chiropractic practitioners
SB 472 Creates provisions relating to change of venue costs for capital cases
SB 523 Modifies provisions relating to sewage regulation
SB 524 Modifies provisions relating to sports officials, including civil liability protections and classification as special victims for criminal assault
SB 570 Extends the implementation date for provisions relating to pesticide certification and training
SB 591 Modifies provisions relating to commissioners of the Public Service Commission
SB 630 Authorizes the closure of certain public safety records
SB 639 Creates provisions relating to a post-consumer paint recycling program
SB 647 Modifies provisions relating to the Sheriffs' Retirement System
SB 688 Modifies provisions relating to fire protection services in the city of Crestwood
SCR 7 Creates the America 250 Missouri Commission
HB 131 Allows for payment of state employee salaries every two weeks

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