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Bills Sponsored by Senator Mike Moon

SB 48 Establishes the "Save Women's Sports Act" relating to female-only athletics in middle schools, high schools, and colleges
SB 49 Establishes the "Missouri Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act" and modifies provisions relating to public funding of certain gender transition procedures
SB 50 Prohibits giving preferential treatment or discrimination based upon ESG scores
SB 133 Modifies provisions relating to taxation
SB 134 Prohibits the discussion of gender identity or sexual orientation by school personnel
SB 135 Phases out the corporate income tax
SB 203 Authorizes a sales tax refund for certain taxpayers audited by the Department of Revenue
SB 204 Repeals the certificate of need law
SB 205 Modifies provisions relating to physical therapists
SB 258 Establishes procedures for entering into and dissolving covenant marriages
SB 259 Repeals a vehicle weight limitation on eligibility for a partial motor fuel tax refund
SB 260 Repeals a portion of the tax on motor fuel, and the exemption and refund process applicable to that portion
SB 289 Repeals the Joint Oversight Task Force for Prescription Drug Monitoring and the prescription drug monitoring program
SB 290 Modifies provisions relating to taxation
SB 291 Modifies provisions relating to emergency powers
SB 309 Modifies provisions relating to searches and seizures
SB 356 Modifies provisions relating to the protection of unborn children
SB 357 Modifies provisions relating to the acquisition of land by the U.S. government
SB 358 Prohibits the enforcement of any federal regulation by a state department or agency until the enforcement is approved by the General Assembly
SB 452 Authorizes an income tax deduction for income received as overtime pay
SB 453 Establishes civil actions for violations of the abortion laws of this state and for economic detriment to a person for misapplication or unequal enforcement of the law
SB 506 Modifies provisions relating to minimum prison terms
SB 655 Modifies provisions relating to protective orders
SB 710 Repeals certain provisions relating to fertilizer control
SCR 1 Urges the United States Congress to reinstate mandatory country of origin labeling
SCR 2 Affirms the sovereignty of the people of the state of Missouri in areas protected by the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and creates the Joint Committee on the Review of Federal Overreach
SCR 3 Expresses support for actions taken to end motorcycle profiling
SJR 19 Recognizes that nothing in the Missouri Constitution shall be construed to secure or protect a right to abortion
SJR 20 Prohibits laws or public policies from infringing on the right of individuals to refuse medical procedures or treatments
SJR 32 Modifies provisions of the Constitution relating to powers of the General Assembly
SJR 33 Modifies the process for approving constitutional amendments
HB 419 Establishes the "Missouri Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act" and modifies provisions relating to public funding of certain gender transition procedures
HB 774 Modifies regulations on mines

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