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Bills Sponsored by Senator Angela Mosley

SB 66 Requires certain financing entities to remit motor vehicle sales tax on behalf of the purchaser
SB 67 Establishes the Show Missouri Film and Digital Media Act
SB 68 Repeals an annual mileage limitation applicable to historic motor vehicles
SB 148 Modifies provisions relating to street light maintenance districts
SB 149 Modifies law relating to rejected absentee ballots
SB 150 Requires the creation of county commission political party committees
SB 218 Creates new provisions relating to redistricting within political subdivisions
SB 219 Enacts provisions relating to the Department of Transportation's fiber network
SB 220 Creates new provisions relating to ethics
SB 271 Modifies provisions relating to reapportionment within political subdivisions
SB 272 Modifies provisions relating to special administrative boards
SB 273 Requires certain topics in Native American and African American history to be included in the seventh through twelfth grade history curriculum in public schools
SB 295 Requires board of election commissioners to establish seven wards for the purpose of electing directors in certain school districts
SB 296 Creates provisions related to the statewide licensing of home improvement contractors and salespersons
SB 297 Establishes time standards for court proceedings, orders, and judgments
SB 313 Establishes a "Restaurant Meals Program" as part of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
SB 314 Modifies provisions relating to child custody
SB 315 Modifies provisions relating to the transfer of appeals
SB 320 Modifies provisions relating to automatic stays of court and administrative proceedings for members of the General Assembly
SB 321 Creates the "Missouri Universal School Meals Act"
SB 322 Creates a license for naturopathic medicine practitioners
SB 324 Modifies the compensation of certain state employees in positions within Missouri Veterans' Homes
SB 325 Creates provisions relating to police protection
SB 326 Modifies provisions relating to fire protection
SB 327 Creates provisions relating to oversight of Department of Corrections facilities
SB 328 Modifies provisions relating to school security officers
SB 329 Modifies provisions relating to extreme risk orders of protection
SB 330 Modifies provisions relating to firearms
SB 619 Provides a one-time supplemental payment of pension benefits to eligible retired members of the Public School Retirement System of the City of St. Louis
SJR 22 Modifies provisions relating to the General Assembly
SJR 23 Modifies term limits for members of the General Assembly
SJR 24 Modifies provisions relating to jury trial waivers

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