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Bills Sponsored by Senator Travis Fitzwater

SB 69 Establishes provisions relating to the promotion of business development
SB 70 Modifies provisions relating to professional licensing
SB 71 Authorizes electrical corporations to operate and use broadband services
SB 151 Authorizes a property tax exemption for certain property used for childcare
SB 475 Modifies the regulation of certain business entities registered with the state
SB 535 Creates the STEM Career Awareness Activity Fund for the purpose of establishing a STEM activity program for grades nine through twelve
SB 536 Creates new provisions relating to digital mining
SB 537 Authorizes the conveyance of state property
SB 538 Modifies provisions relating to mental health coordinators
SB 549 Modifies provisions relating to the regulation of solar energy
SB 596 Requires OA to establish guidelines for the removal of TikTok from state-owned IT
SB 597 Modifies provisions related to utility rates
SB 638 Creates provisions relating to customer discounts by gas corporations
SB 645 Modifies the powers of the state auditor
SB 649 Creates provisions relating to foreign ownership of real estate
SB 656 Modifies provisions relating to the sexual offender registry
SB 717 Creates provisions relating to the closure of electric power plants
SB 718 Ensures cloud computing capabilities on state information technology
SB 719 Provides that certain public officers removed from office by a quo warranto action shall not be entitled to public retirement benefits
SCR 16 Urges a joint investigation to determine any monetary compensation for contamination from radioactive waste and requests the Missouri Congressional delegation to expand the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act
SJR 25 Modifies provisions relating to the General Assembly
SJR 26 Authorizes a property tax exemption for certain property used for childcare
HCR 21 Urges certain state agencies to conduct a joint investigation regarding effects of human exposure to nuclear waste dumped in Missouri

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