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Bills Sponsored by Senator Doug Beck

SB 57 Establishes the Entertainment Industry Jobs Act
SB 58 Establishes the Show MO Act
SB 59 Modifies provisions relating to unlawful possession of firearms
SB 142 Modifies provisions relating to firearms
SB 143 Modifies provisions relating to taxation
SB 144 Modifies provisions relating to foreign ownership of agricultural land
SB 212 Requires a surgical smoke plume evacuation policy for hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers
SB 213 Modifies provisions relating to the protection of children
SB 214 Modifies provisions relating to child support for unborn children
SB 267 Prohibits discrimination based on pregnancy
SB 268 Specifies additional circumstances under which a patient shall be granted an exception to a step therapy protocol required by a health carrier for coverage of a prescription drug
SB 269 Enacts provisions relating to cost-sharing under health benefit plans
SB 292 Modifies the liability of employers
SB 293 Prohibits certain covenants not to compete
SB 294 Creates new provisions requiring the waiver of the recovery of overpaid unemployment benefits under certain circumstances
SB 310 Modifies provisions relating to project labor agreements
SB 311 Creates a new occupational disease under workers' compensation to include post-traumatic stress disorder in certain first responders
SB 312 Modifies provisions regarding the safekeeping of personal information
SB 345 Enacts provisions requiring railroad trains or light engines operated in connection with carrying freight to have at least two qualified crew members
SB 422 Creates new provisions relating to educational funding for students being treated at a residential treatment facility
SB 556 Modifies the retirement allowance multiplier for certain members of the Public School Retirement System of Missouri
SB 635 Requires a mechanical insulation energy audit of public buildings
SB 702 Enacts provisions relating to operation of trains carrying hazardous material
SR 390 Modifies Senate Rule 25 regarding testimony of certain public officials before committees of the Senate
SRM 2 Remonstrates against Timothy Farber as chair of the Missouri Commission on Human Rights
HB 715 Establishes provisions relating to educational funding for students being treated at a residential treatment facility

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