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Bills Sponsored by Senator Andrew Koenig

SB 4 Modifies provisions regarding transparency in public schools and creates the Parents' Bill of Rights Act of 2023
SB 5 Allows the enrollment of nonresident students in public school districts
SB 6 Creates the Getting Missourians Back to Work Act
SB 95 Modifies provisions relating to property taxes
SB 96 Modifies provisions relating to votes in political subdivisions
SB 97 Creates the offense of unlawfully gaining entry into a motor vehicle
SB 173 Modifies a sales tax exemption for the sale of certain medical devices
SB 174 Modifies provisions regarding the Missouri Sunshine Law
SB 175 Modifies provisions relating to youth employment
SB 238 Modifies provisions relating to foreign limited liability companies
SB 239 Establishes provisions relating to moratoriums on eviction proceedings
SB 240 Requires closed primary elections
SB 360 Modifies provisions of the Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program
SB 361 Requires licensing authorities to issue an exemption from continuing education requirements under certain circumstances
SB 362 Modifies public notice requirements for certain public projects
SB 410 Establishes the "Do No Harm Act" relating to diversity-equity-inclusion requirements
SB 463 Creates new provisions relating to the treatment of summary statements prepared by the General Assembly for ballot measures
SB 565 Creates a tax credit for educational expenses incurred by parents whose children attend a home school, a virtual school, or a school outside of their district of residence
SB 589 Provides that the State Board of Education shall cause its annual report to be published on the website of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
SB 594 Prohibits contracts with the state for employers providing assistance to employees for the purpose of having an abortion
SB 621 Modifies provisions relating to child placement
SB 644 Modifies provisions relating to earnings taxes
SB 706 Modifies provisions relating to fire protection services in St. Louis county
SJR 2 Modifies provisions relating to initiative petitions
SJR 3 Modifies provisions relating to taxation
SJR 4 Modifies provisions relating to MO HealthNet beneficiaries, providers, and services

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