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Bills Sponsored by Senator Karla May

SB 33 Creates extreme risk orders of protection
SB 34 Authorizes school districts and charter schools to offer elective social studies courses on the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament
SB 35 Modifies provisions relating to child custody and child support enforcement
SB 120 Establishes post-traumatic stress disorder as an occupational disease
SB 121 Modifies provisions relating to the critical incident stress management program
SB 122 Authorizes excusal from attendance at an elementary and secondary school if the child is unable to attend due to mental or behavioral health concerns
SB 192 Authorizes the Video Lottery Control Act
SB 193 Creates provisions relating to leave from employment
SB 194 Modifies provisions relating to industrial hemp
SB 251 Modifies the definition of weighted average daily attendance used to calculate state aid for school districts
SB 252 Allows the circuit court of St. Louis City to collect a civil case filing fee of an amount not to exceed $20, rather than $15, for certain uses, including the maintenance of a law library
SB 370 Modifies provisions relating to criminal records
SB 371 Creates provisions relating to expungement
SB 372 Repeals provisions relating to a surcharge for petition for expungement
SB 574 Authorizes the Video Lottery Control Act
SB 593 Modifies provisions relating to the promotion of business development
SB 626 Modifies residency requirements of employees of St. Louis City
SB 673 Modifies provisions relating to opioid prescriptions
SB 674 Creates provisions relating to the accountability of the St. Charles county government
SCR 18 Urges the Governor to establish an oversight committee to work with the federal government on programs listed under the Justice 40 Initiative
SCR 19 Urges the U.S. Congress to enact the Economic Democracy Act
SR 7 Modifies Senate Rule 29 relating to the assignment of Senate offices and seats in the Senate Chamber

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