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Bills Sponsored by Senator Steven Roberts

SB 63 Creates new provisions relating to financial institutions
SB 64 Enacts new law relating to wage range inquiries by employees and prospective employees
SB 65 Modifies provisions relating to the offense of unlawful use of weapons
SB 145 Creates certificates of exemplary conduct and good moral character issued by circuit courts
SB 146 Creates provisions relating to compensation for wrongful convictions
SB 147 Modifies provisions relating to parole eligibility
SB 215 Establishes provisions relating to alternative dispute resolution
SB 216 Designates "James W Brooks Memorial Highway" in St. Louis City and St. Louis County
SB 217 Creates the offense of unlawful possession by a minor
SB 270 Modifies the practice of dentistry to include the prescription and administration of vaccines
SB 363 Specifies that the St. Louis City school board shall fill any vacancy that occurs in such school board outside of the normal election cycle
SB 455 Modifies provisions relating to benevolent tax credits
SB 468 Modifies provisions relating to delinquent property taxes
SB 485 Modifies the calculation of weighted average daily attendance used to calculate state aid for school districts
SB 517 Designates January 21 of each year as "Edith Cunnane Day" in Missouri
SB 592 Creates provisions relating to inmate phone call fees
SB 612 Authorizes the conveyance of state property
SB 622 Modifies provisions relating to homelessness
SB 640 Repeals provisions relating to the caseload of public defenders
SB 653 Creates the Missouri Geospatial Advisory Council
SB 668 Modifies provisions relating to legal representation for certain court proceedings involving children
SB 690 Creates provisions relating to grants for nonprofit organizations at risk for terrorist attacks
SB 721 Modifies provisions relating to facilities of historic significance
SCR 9 Urges greater awareness and services for the treatment of chronic kidney disease
SJR 21 Authorizes counties to freeze the real property assessed values of certain senior citizens
SR 22 Modifies Senate Rule 91 relating to excuses from voting as it relates to members who are active duty military
HB 475 Modifies provisions relating to public entities that serve in an advisory capacity

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