Bills assigned to Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment


SB 71 - Fitzwater - Authorizes electrical corporations to operate and use broadband services
SB 140 - Bean - Creates provisions relating to workforce development investments of public utilities
SB 152 - Trent - Modifies provisions relating to video services
SB 233 - Ben Brown (26) - Creates provisions regulating requirements for electric vehicle charging stations
SB 266 - Bean - Creates provisions related to the disposal of contaminants into state waters
SB 275 - Trent - Provides a sales tax exemption for the production of electricity
SB 299 - Hoskins - Modifies the definition of "video service" for provision of law relating to video service providers
SB 300 - Hoskins - Provides a sales tax exemption for the production of electricity
SB 308 - Brattin - Requires internet service providers to authenticate access to obscene websites and provide subscribers the ability to create an authentication to access such websites
SB 333 - Trent - Creates provisions regarding renewable energy
SB 374 - Cierpiot - Modifies provisions relating to the renewable energy standard
SB 383 - Gannon - Modifies provisions relative to the collection of fees by the Division of Mine Inspection
SB 395 - Bernskoetter - Extends certain natural resources fees
SB 408 - Schroer - Creates provisions relating to excavation permits
SB 414 - Rowden - Authorizes the filling of abandoned propane tanks by non-owners
SB 450 - Cierpiot - Modifies the civil penalty for violating federally mandated natural gas safety standards