SB 476
Creates new provisions relating to public employment
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Last Action:
3/23/2023 - Second Read and Referred S Education and Workforce Development Committee
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Effective Date:
August 28, 2023

Current Bill Summary

SB 476 - This act creates new provisions governing public employment. In the course of hiring considerations, as defined in the act, the act prohibits public employers from denying consideration to any applicant based solely on the applicant lacking a post-secondary degree. A public employer may include prior direct experience and particular certifications and courses as baseline requirements but may not include a postsecondary degree as a baseline requirement.

Certain exemptions are allowed in the case of positions for which a clear demonstration is made that the duties of the position require a postsecondary degree. Moreover, a postsecondary degree may only be included in a baseline requirement for a position as an alternative to a specific number of years of direct experience, as described in the act.

This act is enforced by the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations and all complaints and appeals shall be made to the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission.

This act does not apply to appointments made and positions filled by elected officials.



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