SB 123 - This act adds that the Division of Probation and Parole or probation officer may issue to an offender a summons to appear before the Parole Board for a violation of parole. An offender issued a summons to appear for a violation of parole shall appear before the Parole Board under rules and regulations as the board adopts.

This act also provides that if an offender is arrested and detained for a parole violation, the offender shall have the right to a preliminary hearing on the violation charged within 72 hours unless the offender waives the hearing or agrees to a delay. Within 21 days of arrest and detention, unless waived by the offender, the Parole Board shall order the offender discharged from the correctional center or shall hold a hearing on the violation charged. If a violation is established and found, the Parole Board shall issue written findings stating which conditions of parole were found to be violated and the reasons for the revocation of parole.


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