SB 8 - Current law requires that personal property be assessed at 33.3% of its true value in money. This act requires political subdivisions to annually reduce such percentage such that the amount by which the revenue generated by taxes levied on such personal property is reduced is substantially equal to one hundred percent of the growth in revenue generated by real property assessment growth, as defined in the act. Annual reductions shall be made until December 31, 2073. Thereafter, the percentage of true value in money at which personal property is assessed shall be equal to the percentage in effect on January 1, 2073.

Subject to appropriations, a political subdivision that receives less than the allowable amount of total real and personal property tax revenues shall be eligible for reimbursement from the state in an amount equal to the amount by which such revenues are below the allowable amount.

This act is substantially similar to SB 24 (2022 1st Extraordinary Session), HB 2519 (2022), HB 2594 (2022), and to a provision in SS/SCS/SB 649 (2022), SB 743 (2022), SS#2/SB 24 (2021), and CCS/SS/HCS/HB 66 (2021).


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