SB 37 - Under this act, the Missouri Office of Prosecution Services may establish a conviction review unit to investigate claims of actual innocence of any defendant, including those who plead guilty.

The Missouri Office of Prosecution Services shall create an application process for defendants as provided in the act. The conviction review unit shall consist of two attorneys hired by the executive director of the Missouri Office of Prosecution Services, an investigator, paralegal, and other administrative staff. The Director shall be an ex officio member of the unit.

Once the review is complete, the conviction review unit shall present its findings either to the prosecuting attorney who prosecuted the case or, if the review was requested by the Attorney General, special prosecutor, or other prosecuting attorney's office, to the office who requested the review. Such prosecuting attorney's office is not required to accept or follow the findings and recommendations of the conviction review unit.

Any document produced by the conviction review unit shall be a closed record until after the finality of all proceedings.

This act is substantially similar to provision in the truly agreed to and finally passed SS/SCS/SBs 189, et al (2023).


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