SB 17 - Currently, in calculating the current operating expenditures of a public school district, the calculated amount is annually recalculated by adding certain increases in funding from the school funding formula but not to exceed five percent per recalculation. This act increases such percentage to ten percent. Further, current law requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to recalculate the state adequacy target for certain school districts as used in the school funding formula every two years using the most current available data. This act states that any increases in average daily attendance over ten percent, per recalculation, shall not be included in the calculation of the state adequacy target.

This act also modifies the definition of "weighted average daily attendance" as used in the public school funding formula by multiplying .25 by the higher of the current law definition of free and reduced price lunch pupil count that exceeds the free and reduced price lunch threshold or the Census Bureau poverty pupil count, as defined in the act.


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