SB 411 - This act specifies that a school district shall not be a member of, or remit any funds to, any statewide activities association that prohibits a home school student from participating in any event or activity offered by the school district or that requires a home school student to take a class in order to participate in such event or activity.

The act additionally prohibits a statewide activities association from preventing any member school district from participating in any event with a school that is not a member of the association.

The act provides that school discipline policies will apply to home school students, and records created pertaining to a home school student will be made confidential.

The act authorizes the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to withhold state aid payments from any school district that violates the provisions of the act.

This act is similar to SB 230 (2023), HB 241 (2023), SB 835 (2022), HCS/HB 2369 (2022), HCS/HB 494 (2021), SCS/SB 875 (2020), SCS/HC/HB 1540 (2020), HCS/SS/SCS/SB 528 (2020), HCS/HB 2273 (2020), and SB 130 (2019).


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