SB 34 - This act allows a school district to offer an elective social studies course relating, but not limited to, the Hebrew Scriptures, the Old Testament of the Bible, or the New Testament of the Bible. Such course shall include a study of the relevant text's contents, history, literary style and structure, and influences on society. No requirement shall be made by the district on the text translation students must use. The act requires that any course offered shall follow applicable laws to maintain religious neutrality and shall not endorse, favor, promote, or show hostility to any particular religion, nonreligious faith, or religious perspective.

This act is similar to a provision in SS/SCS/SBs 411 & 230 (2023) and substantially similar to HB 484 (2023), SB 684 (2022), HB 2292 (2022), a provision in HCS/SB 323 (2021), HCS/HB 1345 (2020), and HB 267 (2019).


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