SCR 10
Authorizes the statutorily required independent audit of the State Auditor
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5/30/2023 - Reported Duly Enrolled Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions & Ethics Committee
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Upon adoption
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Current Bill Summary

SCR 10 - This concurrent resolution authorizes the employment of an independent certified public accountant to perform an audit on the condition and performance of the accounts, functions, programs and management of the State Auditor's office. The independent C.P.A. shall make written report of his or her findings to the General Assembly, the Governor, and the State Auditor.

This resolution is similar to SCR 10 (2019), SCR 26 (2017), SCR 38 (2015), SCR 7 (2011), SCR 47 (2010), SCR 18 (2007) and SCR 20 (2005).



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