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Bills Sponsored by Senator Cierpiot

SB 657 - Creates provisions related to school boards
SB 658 - Prohibits tax credits for the construction or rehabilitation of residences located in certain distressed areas after August 28, 2022
SB 659 - Modifies provisions related to computer science courses offered in elementary and secondary schools
SB 744 - Prohibits the amendment or reduction of violations resulting in license points to violations resulting in fewer or no points for drivers with intermediate driver's licenses or temporary instruction permits
SB 745 - Modifies provisions relating to utilities
SB 988 - Requires unspent school district bond proceeds to be transferred to the district's debt service fund
SB 989 - Modifies provisions relating to assessments against public utilities
SB 990 - Creates provisions relating to pole replacements for certain broadband facilities
SB 1014 - Modifies provisions relating to the assessment of solar energy property
SB 1064 - Creates new unlawful employment practices
SB 1086 - Allows certain individuals and businesses to have access to information from manufacturers in order to repair certain products
SB 1177 - Modifies provisions relating to ratemaking for electrical corporations
SB 1189 - Creates provisions regarding the educational funding for children in state custody
SB 1216 - Modifies provisions relating to child protection
SJR 46 - Requires all county assessors to be elected
SJR 51 - Modifies procedures relating to initiative petitions
HB 2202 - Modifies provisions relating to elementary and secondary education
HB 2376 - Modifies provisions relating to youth services

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