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Bills Sponsored by Senator Hough

SB 672 - Modifies provisions relating to workforce development
SB 673 - Creates new provisions relating to the recovery of overpaid unemployment benefits
SB 674 - Creates a grant program for employers to enhance cybersecurity
SB 758 - Modifies various provisions relating to bidding procedures for certain public projects for facilities
SB 759 - Modifies provisions relating to local sales taxes
SB 760 - Creates new provisions relating to grants to employers to encourage employees to obtain upskill credentials
SB 826 - Modifies age range of children in license-exempt neighborhood youth development programs
SB 827 - States that certain records of municipally owned utilities may be closed under the Sunshine Law
SB 828 - Repeals wharfage taxes on landings made at certain wharfs
SB 966 - Authorizes certain fire protection districts and ambulance districts to propose a 1.0% sales tax
SB 967 - Requires motor vehicle dealers to collect and remit sales taxes on sales of motor vehicles
SB 976 - Modifies provisions relating to ambulance districts
SB 991 - Creates provisions relating to the certification of certain x-ray technicians
SB 1015 - Modifies provisions relating to vehicle sales tax
SB 1138 - Authorizes a tax credit for all taxpayers
SB 1142 - Requires certain public schools, charter schools, and public institutions of higher education to post suicide prevention phone and text numbers on student identification cards
SB 1179 - Extends the Missouri Rx Plan to August 28, 2029
SB 1180 - Adds prepaid dental plans to a statute regarding the assignment of insurance benefits
SR 783 - Modifies the Senate Rules
HB 1656 - Modifies provisions relating to certain public employees
HB 1677 - Enacts provisions relating to pharmacy benefits managers

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