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Bills Sponsored by Senator Moon

SB 699 - Establishes the "Abolition of Abortion in Missouri Act"
SB 700 - Modifies provisions relating to sales taxes
SB 701 - Eliminates the corporate income tax
SB 780 - Modifies provisions relating to voter identification
SB 781 - Establishes the "Save Women's Sports Act" relating to female-only athletics in middle school, high schools, and colleges
SB 782 - Repeals a portion of the tax on motor fuel, and the exemption and refund process applicable to that portion
SB 842 - Repeals the Joint Oversight Task Force for Prescription Drug Monitoring and the prescription drug monitoring program
SB 843 - Modifies provisions relating to gender reassignment treatment for children
SB 844 - Modifies provisions relating to emergency powers in disasters
SB 890 - Repeals the certificate of need law
SB 891 - Creates provisions relating to the recall of local officials
SB 892 - Modifies provisions relating to taxation
SB 956 - Prohibits the enforcement of any federal regulation by a state department or agency until the enforcement is approved by the General Assembly
SB 1027 - Modifies provisions relating to searches and seizures
SB 1028 - Provides a cause of action against a public body that causes economic detriment to a person for misapplication or unequal enforcement of the law
SB 1035 - Creates provisions relating to hunting permits
SB 1036 - Modifies provisions relating to the compensation of county officials
SB 1117 - Establishes procedures for entering into and dissolving covenant marriages
SB 1171 - Creates new provisions prohibiting discrimination against businesses based on environmental, social, and governance scores
SB 1208 - Designates every January 31st as Constitution Day in Missouri
SCR 23 - Affirms the sovereignty of the people of the state of Missouri in areas protected by the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and creates the Joint Committee on the Review of Federal Overreach
SJR 47 - Prohibits laws or public policies infringing on the right of individuals to refuse medical procedures or treatments
SJR 48 - Recognizes that unborn children have equal protection of the laws, prohibits abortion, and prohibits public funding of abortion

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