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Bills Sponsored by Senator Thompson Rehder

SB 690 - Modifies provisions of law relating to health care
SB 691 - Requires school districts to conduct criminal background checks on certain adults seeking enrollment in courses taught at public schools
SB 692 - Modifies minimum hourly attendance and make-up day requirements for half-day educational programs
SB 774 - Creates the "Kratom Consumer Protection Act"
SB 775 - Modifies provisions relating to judicial proceedings
SB 985 - Limits claims brought by political subdivisions against certain entities who are parties to a statewide opioid settlement agreement
SB 1037 - Modifies provisions relating to naltrexone hydrochloride
SB 1106 - Modifies provisions relating to funding for housing programs
SB 1126 - Modifies provisions relating to the administration of medications by pharmacists
SB 1127 - Modifies provisions relating to domestic violence
SB 1184 - Creates provisions related to curricula and instruction in public schools
SB 1185 - Designates every January 12th as "Rush Limbaugh Day"
SB 1186 - Designates a portion of Interstate 55 in Cape Girardeau County as "Rush Limbaugh Memorial Highway"
SB 1187 - Enacts provisions authorizing the use of a remote system for the performance of transportation functions by the Department of Revenue
HB 1481 - Modifies provisions related to school protection officers
HB 1667 - Creates the "Kratom Consumer Protection Act"
HB 1699 - Modifies and establishes provisions relating to domestic violence
HB 2032 - Establishes and modifies provisions relating to child trafficking
HB 2160 - Modifies provisions relating to a sexual offender's duty to report
HB 2307 - Assesses an additional five thousand dollar fine for human trafficking offenses and establishes the "Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation Fund"
HB 2462 - Designates several health-related awareness days, weeks and months
HJR 114 - Modifies provisions relating to penalties and fines from human trafficking offenses

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