SB 1220
Creates new standards for certain public contracts
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3/29/2022 - Second Read and Referred S Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee
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August 28, 2022

Current Bill Summary

SB 1220 - This act requires each state department, in the course of the procurement of concrete, to give consideration and preference to the procurement of a concrete mix design that:

· Consists of type 1L cement or an ASTM C595 blended cement with slag cement, fly ash, or natural pozzolan;

· Meets specifications set by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials; and

· Meets or exceeds any other engineering performance standards set by the Office of Administration (OA).

The act requires OA to adopt regulations to implement this act, including regulations that establish guidelines to assist departments in determining which contracts are subject to the requirements of this act. Such guidelines shall be published on the OA website. OA is additionally required to adopt regulations to provide for the monitoring of the implementation of this act.

This provision is identical to SB 535 (2021).

The act also creates new standards for the maximum acceptable global warming potential for each category of eligible materials, as defined in the act, that are used in a public project.

The Commissioner of Administration is charged with implementing these provisions as it pertains to public projects that deal with the construction, alteration, repair, demolition, or improvement of any land, building, structure, facility, or other public improvement. The Department of Transportation is responsible for implementing these provisions as it pertains to public projects that deal with roads, highways, or bridges.

The act establishes baseline criteria for determining the maximum acceptable global warming potential, provided that the relevant officer may consult with any other relevant department, division, or agency of the state in determining such standards.

The standards must be reviewed every four years and may be adjusted to reflect industry conditions, provided the standards cannot be adjusted upward for any eligible material. The Commissioner and the Department are required to submit an annual report to the General Assembly with information described in the act.

In every contract covered by the act, a public body shall require the designer who is awarded the contract to include, in project specifications when final construction documents are released, a current environmental product declaration, type III, as defined by the international organization for standardization standard 14025:2006, or similarly robust life cycle assessment methods that have uniform standards in data collection, as set by policy by the commissioner for each eligible material proposed to be used in the public project that meet the maximum acceptable global warming potential for each category of eligible materials. A contractor that is awarded a contract for a public project shall not install any eligible materials on the project until the contractor submits an environmental product declaration for that material, provided that if a product that meets the maximum acceptable global warming potential for a category of eligible materials is not reasonably priced or is not available on a reasonable basis at the time of design or construction, the Commissioner may waive the requirement for that product.



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