SB 694
Creates provisions related to public school curriculum and instruction
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5/13/2022 - Formal Calendar S Bills for Perfection
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August 28, 2022

Current Bill Summary

SB 694 - Under this act, school districts are prohibited from teaching about The 1619 Project or any successor theory or concept, critical race theory or any successor theory or concept, and any divisive concepts, as such term is defined in the act. Districts are also prohibited from certain actions listed in the act relating to curriculum and instruction.

In adopting the essential knowledge and skills for the social studies for each grade level from kindergarten through 12th grade, each school district shall adopt knowledge and skills that develop each student's civic knowledge as set forth in the act.

School districts shall not accept private funding for the purposes of teaching any curriculum substantially similar to critical race theory or The 1619 Project.

The Attorney General may investigate school districts for compliance with the act. Any school district that violates the provisions of the act shall have 50% of the district's state aid withheld until the district presents evidence to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education that the district is no longer in violation of this section.

This act is similar to SB 638 (2022), SB 676 (2022), SB 734 (2022), and SB 1184 (2022).



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