SB 728
Modifies provisions relating to the authorization of the deduction of moneys from the paychecks of public employees for the benefit of public labor organizations
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1/13/2022 - Second Read and Referred S General Laws Committee
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August 28, 2022

Current Bill Summary

SB 728 - This act establishes the "Public Employee Janus Rights Act," permitting a public body to withhold fees from public employee paychecks for the purpose of paying any portion of labor organization dues, agency shop fees, or any other fees paid to a labor organization only with the written, informed consent of the public employee. The act also requires the public employee's written, informed consent for labor organizations to use such fees or dues for political purposes. Any authorization required by this act may be in written or electronic form. Any authorization must be submitted to the public body employer before such fees may be withheld. Furthermore, the employer shall require clear and compelling evidence that the authorization was freely given. Any consent given by an employee may be revoked at any time. Failure to comply with these requirements on the part of an employer shall result in a fine of no more than $500 per violation.

This act is substantially similar to HB 2121 (2022), SB 244 (2021), HB 88 (2021), SB 701 (2020), HB 1906 (2020), and HB 2341 (2020).



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