Senate Substitute

SS/SCS/SB 725 - Under current law, all members of the board of directors of an ambulance district shall complete an educational seminar or training on the role and duties of a board member of an ambulance district. This act provides that if any ambulance district board member fails to attend a training session within twelve months of taking office regardless of whether the board member received an attendance fee for a training session, the board member shall be ineligible to run for reelection for another term of office until the member satisfies the requirement. This act shall apply to members elected after August 28, 2022.

This provision is identical to SB 976 (2022), SB 512 (2021), and HB 1016 (2021).

Currently, each ambulance service's Ground Ambulance Reimbursement Allowance is based the service's gross receipts. This act repeals the use of gross receipts and requires the Department to establish a formula in rule consistent with federal regulation relating to permissible health care related taxes for the determination of each service's reimbursement allowance.

This provision is similar to provisions of SS#2/SB 1 (2021).


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