HB 1973 Modifies provisions relating to school activities

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HB 1973 - This act modifies provisions relating to school activities.

Under the act, any student enrolled in a publicly funded secondary school or who participates in any sex-separated athletic contest organized by a school that operates under any rules provided by a statewide athletic association with a public school district as a member shall be eligible to participate only in athletic contests organized for persons of the same biological sex included on the student's birth certificate. (Section 167.177)

This provision is similar HB 2461 (2022), HB 2735 (2022), and a provision in the perfected HCS/HB 2140 (2022).

This act modifies a definition of "school bus" to include only vehicles designed for carrying more than 10 passengers.

School districts shall have the authority to use vehicles other than school buses to transport school children to and from school, to school activities, or to transport pupils properly chaperoned to and from any place within the state for educational purposes.

The act states that the State Board of Education shall not adopt rules or regulations governing the use of transportation network companies for the transportation of school children, repeals the requirement that drivers of non-school bus vehicles transporting school children have a school bus driver's license endorsement, and provides that vehicles other than school buses shall meet any additional requirements of the school district. (Sections 302.010 & 304.060)

These provisions are similar to provisions in the truly agreed CCS#2/HCS/SS/SCS/SBs 681 & 662 (2022), SCS/SB 958 (2022), provisions in the perfected HCS/HB 1750 (2022), provisions in SCS/HB 2202 (2022), and provisions in SCS/HCS/HB 2304 (2022).


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