HB 2381 Modifies provisions relating to emergency medical dispatchers

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HCS/HB 2381 - This act modifies provisions relating to emergency medical dispatchers.

TELECOMMUNICATOR FIRST RESPONDERS (Sections 67.145,70.631, 170.310, 190.091, 650.320, 650.330 & 650.340)

This act adds "telecommunicator first responder" to the definition of "first responder".

This act also adds that political subdivisions may elect to cover telecommunicator first responders as public safety personnel.

Finally, the Missouri 911 Service Board shall promote and educate the public about the critical role of telecommunicator first responders in protecting the public.

These provisions are substantially similar to provisions in HB 1637 (2022), HB 1676 (2022), and HCS/HB 2381 (2022).

EMERGENCY MEDICAL DISPATCHERS (Sections 190.100, 190.134, 650.320, 650.340)

Under current law, emergency medical dispatchers shall complete an emergency medical dispatcher course that meets or exceeds the national curriculum of the U.S. Department of Transportation. This act modifies that training requirement and instead requires emergency medical dispatchers to complete training courses approved by the Missouri 911 Service Board. Additionally, the Service Board shall develop rules and regulations, in collaboration with the State EMS Medical Director's Advisory Committee, relating to the medical aspects of pre-arrival medical instructions.

This act makes several technical changes to the emergency medical dispatcher statutes.

This act is similar to SB 1143 (2022) and HB 2381 (2022).


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