HB 1705 Establishes procedures for a violent offender registry, which will include any person on probation or parole for first or second degree murder

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Current Bill Summary

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HB 1705 - This act establishes that the Missouri Highway Patrol shall maintain a registered violent offender database on its web page available to the public. The database shall be kept in the same manner as the registered sexual offender database.

This act provides the following persons shall be known as violent offenders:

• Any person who is on probation or parole for murder in the first or second degree or the equivalent of such offenses if committed outside this state; and

• Any person who was found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect for first or second degree murder.

The Division of Probation and Parole or the Department of Mental Health shall notify the Missouri State Highway Patrol if a violent offender is placed on probation or parole, is removed from probation or parole, or relocates to this state and would be considered a violent offender under this act.

This act is identical to provisions in HB 1637 (2022), HB 1705 (2022), and HB 293 (2021).


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