HB 1583 Modifies provisions relating to property taxes

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Current Bill Summary

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HCS/HB 1583 - This act modifies provisions relating to property taxes.


This act prohibits a political subdivision or election authority from describing any proposed tax on property or sales tax in the political subdivision as not increasing taxes unless both failing to adopt the proposed measure would cause an actual increase in the tax rate and adopting the proposed measure would cause the tax rate to stay the same or decrease. (Section 67.496)


This act requires that if the voters in a political subdivision approve an increase to the tax rate ceiling prior to the expiration of a previously approved temporary levy increase, the new tax rate ceiling shall remain in effect only until such time as the temporary levy increase expires under the terms originally approved by a vote of the people, at which time the tax rate ceiling shall be decreased by the amount of the temporary levy increase.

If, prior to the expiration of a temporary levy increase, voters are asked to approve an additional permanent levy increase, voters shall be submitted ballot language that clearly indicates that if the permanent levy increase is approved, the temporary levy shall be made permanent. (Section 137.073)

This provision is substantially similar to SB 880 (2018) and SB 357 (2017).


This act requires any ballot measure seeking approval to add, change, or modify a tax on real property to express the effect of the proposed change in the ballot language in terms of the change in real dollars owed per one hundred thousand dollars of a property's market valuation. (Section 1)


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