HB 2462 Designates several health-related awareness days, weeks and months

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Current Bill Summary

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HCS/HB 2462 - This act designates several health-related days, weeks, and months.

The second Wednesday in May is designated as "Celiac Awareness Day".

The third full week in September of each year is designated as "Sickle Cell Awareness Week". This provision is identical to SB 1145 (2022).

The month of June is designated as "Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Month" in Missouri.

The first full week in May each year is designated as "Tardive Dyskinesia Awareness Week". This provision shall expire on August 28, 2026, and is identical to SB 903 (2022).

Every September is designated as "Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Awareness Day" in Missouri.

The month of July is designated as "Uterine Fibroid Awareness Month" in Missouri.

Every October is designated as "Substance Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month" in Missouri.

September 15th of every year is designated as "Caregiver Appreciation Day" in Missouri.

October 1st of every year is designated as "Biliary Atresia Awareness Day" in Missouri.

April 16th of every year is designated as "Missouri Donate Life Day" in Missouri.

Finally, the month of May and May 10th every year are designated as "Lupus Awareness Month" and "Lupus Awareness Day" in Missouri.


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