HB 1962 Modifies provisions relating to local log trucks

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Current Bill Summary

- Prepared by Senate Research -

HB 1962 - This act increases, from 100 miles to 150 miles, the radius within which local log trucks and local log truck tractors may operate under certain circumstances, and specifies weight limits for those classes of vehicle. (Section 301.010 (29) and (30)).

The act also repeals the requirement that local log trucks carry a load with dimensions not in excess of 25 cubic yards per two axles with dual wheels. (Section 301.010(29)).

Lastly, the act provides for weight-based penalties on local log trucks and local log truck tractors for violations of the weight limits applicable to other types of vehicles. (Section 304.240).

This act is similar to provisions in SCS/SB 785 (2022), provisions in the truly agreed to and finally passed SS#2/HB 661 (2021), and similar to HCS/HB 1270 (2021), provisions in HCS/SB 38 (2021), provisions in HCS/SS/SB 46 (2021), provisions in HCS/SS/SB 89 (2021), and provisions in HCS/HB 307 (2021).


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