HB 1713 Establishes the Missouri Religious Freedom Protection Act, which prohibits public officials from issuing orders limiting religious services or meetings

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Current Bill Summary

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HB 1713 - This act establishes the Missouri Religious Freedom Protection Act, which provides that no public official, as defined in the act, shall issue an order that has the effect of limiting or prohibiting religious groups or places of worship from holding religious services or meetings.

This act shall not apply to religious groups using places of worship to intentionally commit or plan to commit acts of violence or harm. Additionally, the act shall not apply to emergency evacuation orders involving imminent danger from certain natural disasters, terrorist threats, civil unrest, or hazardous material incidents that are generally applicable. Once the imminent danger has passed, religious services shall be allowed to resume. Finally, this act shall not be interpreted to exclude places of worship from complying with applicable building and fire codes.

This act is identical to HB 575 (2021).


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