SB 1183
Modifies provisions relating to solid waste management
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3/10/2022 - Second Read and Referred S Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment Committee
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August 28, 2022

Current Bill Summary

SB 1183 - This act modifies provisions relating to solid waste management.

The act requires the Department of Natural Resources to create and maintain a Waste Reduction and Recycling Unit. Up to 5% of the fee imposed on the sale of new tires collected by the Department shall be used for the purposes of supporting the Waste Reduction and Recycling Unit.

Current law requires the executive board of each solid waste management district to submit a solid waste management plan to the Department. Under this act such submission is optional. Current law also sets forth requirements that each plan shall contain. Under the act those requirements are optional.

The act repeals provisions relating to disapproval of plans by the Department. The act further repeals a provision about performance audits of districts.

In addition to being audited by a certified public accountant, the act allows districts to be audited by the Department.

Current law states that certain funds from the Solid Waste Management Fund may be used by the Department for grants to districts. This act states that such funds shall be allocated to districts for certain purposes including district projects.

The act repeals a provision stating that each district shall receive a minimum of $75,000 for certain purposes.

The act repeals a provision stating that the Department and the Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority shall conduct sample audits of grants.

The act changes the requirement for districts to submit a grant application to the Department from submission of an application to submitting only supporting information to verify that certain requirements were met.

The district, rather than the Department, shall conduct performance reviews and audits of grant recipients.

Finally, if a district receives an unfavorable decision on a request submitted to the Department, the district may send an appeal request to the Administrative Hearing Commission within 30 days. The Commission shall promptly issue a final decision on the appeal. The decision being appealed shall be stayed until a final decision is issued by the Commission.

This act is similar to HB 775 (2021) and HB 2529 (2020).



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