SB 1002
Modifies provisions regarding licensing reciprocity for physicians
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3/28/2022 - Hearing Conducted S Professional Registration Committee
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August 28, 2022

Current Bill Summary

SB 1002 - This act repeals current provisions of law regarding reciprocity for licensure as a physician and surgeon based on licensure in another state or based on a reciprocity compact. In its place, this act provides that any person who holds a valid current physician and surgeon license issued by another state, territory, or the military, and who has been licensed for at least one year in such jurisdiction, may submit an application for licensure in this state.

Upon receiving the application, the State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts shall, within six months of receiving the application, waive examination, educational, and experience requirements for licensure in this state if certain minimum requirements were in effect in such other state, territory, or military entity. The Board may require an applicant to take and pass an examination specific to the laws of this state. Alternatively, within 30 days of receiving the application from a military spouse, the Board may waive any examination, educational, and experience requirements if the applicant otherwise meets the requirements of this act.

The Board shall not waive any examination, educational, or experience requirements if the applicant: has had their license revoked by the other state, is under investigation by a licensing board in another state, does not hold a license in good standing, has a criminal record that would disqualify them for licensure in this state, or does not hold a valid current license in the other jurisdiction on the date the Board receives their application. If another jurisdiction has taken disciplinary action against an applicant, the Board shall determine if the cause for the action was corrected and the matter resolved. If the matter has not been resolved, then the Board may deny a license until the matter is resolved. Nothing in this act shall prohibit the Board from denying a license to an applicant for any reason described in current law.



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