SB 887
Modifies provisions relating to voter registration
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3/9/2022 - Hearing Conducted S Local Government and Elections Committee
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August 28, 2022

Current Bill Summary

SB 887 - This act requires the use of electronic voter registration application forms by the Director of Revenue. The Director must additionally provide for the secure electronic transfer of voter registration information to election authorities in the manner described in the act. Election authorities are required to accept and process such records.

The act requires the Division of Motor Vehicle and Drivers Licensing to transmit voter registration application forms to the appropriate election authority not later than 3, rather than 5, business days after the form is completed by the applicant.

Any person who, at the time of a transaction with the Division of Motor Vehicle and Drivers Licensing, provides a document that establishes non-citizenship shall not be offered the opportunity to register to vote as part of the transaction.

The Secretary of State and the Director of Revenue are required to jointly develop a process by which the Division of Motor Vehicle and Drivers Licensing, upon obtaining as part of a license transaction a person's full name, date of birth, driver's license or state identification number, residence address, and mailing address, may use information from the statewide voter registration database to determine whether the person is already registered to vote in the state and, if so, whether the person is registered at the address and under the name the person provided to the Division of Motor Vehicle and Drivers Licensing.

This act is substantially similar to certain provisions in SCS/SB 654 (2022), SB 670 (2022), HCS/SS/SB 812 (2022), HB 1483 (2022), HB 1646 (2022), the truly agreed to and finally passed SS/SCS/HB 1878 (2022), HB 1911 (2022), HB 2113 (2022), the perfected HCS/HB 2140 (2022), HB 2577 (2022), SB 587 (2021), HCS/SS/SB 46 (2021), HCS/SS/SCS/SB 4 (2021), HCS/SB 38 (2021), HB 372 (2021), and HS/HCS/HB 738 (2021).



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