SB 819
Modifies provisions relating to certain employees regulating gaming
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1/27/2022 - Hearing Conducted S Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight Committee
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August 28, 2022

Current Bill Summary

SB 819 - Current law prohibits former Missouri Gaming Commission members and employees, members of the General Assembly, and elected or appointed officials of the state and certain other cities and counties from entering into a contractual relationship related to direct gaming activity during such employment and for two years after termination of such employment. This act provides that, in the case of employees of the Commission, the State Highway Patrol, and the State Attorney General's office, the two-year prohibition shall only apply in cases in which the employee's termination was either voluntary or was due to misconduct of such employee related to such employee's direct regulatory authority related to excursion gambling boats.

This act is identical to SB 431 (2021) and to a provision in SS/HCS/HBs 2502 & 2556 (2022), and is substantially similar to a provision in SB 78 (2021).



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