HB 3014 Appropriates supplemental state funding
1/5/2022 Read First Time (H) H9
1/6/2022 Read Second Time (H) H161
1/6/2022 Referred: Budget H198
1/10/2022 Public Hearing Completed (H)
2/7/2022 Executive Session Completed (H)
2/7/2022 HCS Voted Do Pass (H)
2/7/2022 HCS Reported Do Pass (H) H875
2/9/2022 Taken Up for Perfection (H) H902
2/9/2022 Title of Bill - Agreed To H902
2/9/2022 HCS Adopted (H) H914
2/9/2022 Perfected with Amendments (H) H915
2/10/2022 Taken Up for Third Reading (H)
2/10/2022 Third Read and Passed (H) H928-929
2/10/2022 S First Read S758
2/11/2022 Second Read and Referred S Appropriations Committee S765
2/16/2022 Hearing Conducted S Appropriations Committee
2/16/2022 SCS Voted Do Pass S Appropriations Committee (3014S.04C)
2/16/2022 Reported from S Appropriations Committee w/SCS S798
2/22/2022 SS for SCS S offered (Hegeman)--(3014S.05F) S823
2/23/2022 SA 1 to SS for SCS S offered & defeated (Schupp)--(3014S05.01S) S823
2/23/2022 SS for SCS S adopted S824
2/23/2022 S Third Read and Passed S824 / H1042
2/24/2022 H concurs in SS for SCS H1042-1043
2/24/2022 H Third Read and Passed H1043-1044 / S832
2/24/2022 Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed H1043-1044
2/24/2022 Signed by House Speaker H1050
2/24/2022 Signed by Senate President Pro Tem S839
2/24/2022 Signed by Governor H1061